Guillaume Martel

Guillaume Martel

La musique à l’image selon Martel

Auteur et artiste-interprète

Guillaume Martel has been active in many National music organizations. He has acted as administrator of UCMF; The French Union of Films Composers, and served on SACEM’s board as Administrator of the ‘Commission des Variétés’.

Guillaume has always had a strong interest in the application of new technologies related to the music industry. Confronted by the emerging revolution, he realized that, he couldn’t distance himself from learning about the new media and the potential problems that could arise with the advancement of the digital age. Along with his longstanding partner SCHUBERT Publishing Group, he has acquired the ‘Elite’, a tool embracing new technology, to maintain a strong position in the digital age!

After completing a series of Master Class at the City of Cinema initated by Luc Besson, he gained experience as a Composer, scoring several series for FRANCE TELEVISION and finally created his own Production Company MartelSound.

Since 2012, he has collaborated with Europa Corp, Lagardere Studios, Fremantle, Orange etc…As a result of its revenues, Guillaume has been awarded as ‘definitive member’.

Adventurous, eclectic and prolific composer, he would like to pioneer the concept of the Composer as artist and producer. He is currently working on a creative album combining original compositions, remix of films scores and participation of international artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Black violon,

Rahzel from the Roots….

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